Thanks to the way of current TV public relations I am now full familiar active the function, use and fulfilling intrinsic worth of...panty liners. I cognize wherever they go, what they do, and scientifically what the teething troubles they can bring. And the ones they figure out. I have an in-depth noesis almost the current state-of-the-art developments in this parcel.

I know around superior absorption, tack liquids on the inside wafer-thin materials, shaping for comfort, and most of all, I now cognise that authentic state for a female isn't a well-paid job, a antic guy to hang up out with, or wads of ready money.

It's step-in liners!

Not fair run of the mill pantie liners any. They have to be twisted to fit, super-duper moisture absorbent, not status changing for A-G-E-S and completely covert beneath the briefest of underpants.

I now cognise what today's female person is rational astir once she sits gazing into extraterrestrial next to that far-off look, yes, I cognise the underground of her true desires.

It's not MONEY and it's not MEN. It's PANTY LINERS. I know, because the advertisers have shown me next to ever maximising oftenness and in graphical colour and small point honorable what it is that's on all woman's be bothered.

And, I admit, prior to the general roller of panty line drive adverts on TV, I was unmindful to this.

Silly me. I musing it was tresses twig she really sought-after. You know, the sort that separates all several hair, the hue that makes you really deserving it, the genus that gives outstanding surround and body, restores nowhere to be found punch...



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