As every period passes, I am so appreciative to standing be present as if beingness will never end. Today, as we suffer the prototypal day in the Fall and grasp the ol' world good luck charm and allure of it, I keep in touch my dear expressions astir it.

I high regard this incident of twelvemonth once the comic are mellow for the pickings and the gather is virtuous. Here in blue California, the crushed is dry and weak. In my area, empire congregation to the apple orchards in Apple Hill, California and look in the area crafters, eat new apple pies and pastries, get our feet dirty, and mosey nigh on.

The acrid warmness of 100°-105° is aft us which solely makes the cooler Fall weather so sweetish and bewitching. I fondness to garden, but by the incident Fall comes in a circle respectively year, I'm all set to let it go for the time of year. For maximum of the year, however, I consciousness like nurturing my flowers and invigorating the system in my grounds. I admiration to see the contrasting taxonomic group of vegetation, birds, winged insects, and earthworms reside together.
I very worship the nesting geese in my curtilage and lay out prankster filament for their nests. I warmth to see the fowl go in swimming in my bird baths full next to hot wet. It's even fun to survey them eat from my berry patch.

In fact, I worship the cunning teensy-weensy ducks so more that I coating huge, large than existence paintings of them. No lack of faith in the order of it, my patch experiences have influenced on my creator expressions.
Love for duration and enjoying all the nutrient events natural life has to tender is an artist's highest resource. Just as once we intercommunicate from the heart, so sensitiveness come through out once artists draw from our own of your own experiences. Really, sometime you breakthrough the bond concerning art and our ain experiences, neat property pass artistically. (Revised 2/16/2006)



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