in Babenhausen

The miss in the guesthouse

Is not as charming as she was,

This period has mangy hostile her.

She does not dollop me so willingly;

Yes, she had a child, inside-out mother

And the brightness of spring chicken that she shed

About the bar, as she

Brought me my beer, is spread

Too limited to be detected.

She's young, but looks intermediate elderly.

Note: I was in Germany twice, erstwhile for 10-months, the ordinal juncture for 44-months; during the 2d period, I knew the youngish woman at the guesthouse, a pretty German, her parent owned the place, and her and her aged female sibling helped near it. I had left-hand the sphere of influence for a yr or so, and returned, and started uptake again, at that location, which was a bar on the highway concerning Babenhausen, and the Military Compound, near. But I scarcely acknowledged her the second case. She was with child, and after I saw her until that time I left-handed again, and that is once I saw the forceful transmission to her skin, her youthful good looks. I do feel, all this drinking and smoking and bar energy takes the most out of a person, and of course of instruction it was a country for GI's. Her connective tissue was affluent and vibrant; she was peradventure 19-years old once I met her, and 22-when I left-handed. I of course of instruction rear legs in 1976 was by a long chalk old than her, I was 29-years old then. #1263 3/3/06

The Devil's Sack

"Devil, O Devil! what have we here

is your sack complete with cow-dung

and fear?

"Perhaps, flaxen souls, you stole?

from temples, far and near?"

[The Devil says:]

"Why was Christ a demonstrative Son? a mission!

a mission, my flip human, He came

down from shangri-la (like I)

to reclaim everyone, and die.

His Mission, different to excavation.

"And away I fly, ever-so joyful, around

the earth...the world, doing mine!

"It's what I feel, I was created to do. Of

course we all say that don't we?

"Anyhow, in this sack, lapped across

my back- are teentsy gnats from hell,

prideful they are!

"They hold these stones, cobwebs of

bones and rain shower them

all over and done with kingdomcome...

that's my mission~!...son.

#1255 3/1/06



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