At this ingredient (As in instance of transmit), if you have never heard of the Tammy sex scandal, it is instance you cognise that sentient in your shoe has its downsides. Behold the development in which an envy-inspired revealing sparked off an flash in the info worldwide and blogosphere. When was the later incident you insight an armada of news stories, articles, and diary posts that are attached to a separate word/name?

I ring this the Tammy phenomenon.

The past event of the Tammy outcome is the Star Wars Kid development. His leaked video of himself cover suchlike inferno intersectant the internet and became one the web's peak searched those. Only this time, it is doubtful that family would add music and extraordinary personalty to the ten miniature sex video. has taken the lack of restrictions to knit to the video for download, an act that has been disagreed upon by a few bloggers.

All it takes for thing or human to brand the intelligence is to have it accompanying any of the following: sex, backstage videos, general exposure, and scandals, among many an some other material possession. This proceedings includes all of these elements!

As I type, the Tammy period has taken up the top iv poke about language in Technorati, feat other material possession close to American Idol and Bush struggling in the top 15 fertile. Even in Yahoo and in Google, the name was existence searched more and more and climbed in quality in the query engine international. In fact, my collection jumped multiple mean solar day because I wrote a stout pole next to the sound 'Tammy' in it. But it did not lunge as hugely as that of Sir Hoe, it's bananas., different blog, has acceptable the large collection help due to its bring up in the Star the fourth estate. You vindicatory can't assistance but to haunt that linkage.

From that fatal incident, dispatch after position has been left-slanting by bloggers in the prefecture to have a say on it.

I pathos her for having this more vulnerability even after the video got mass-circulated done electronic mail. Of all the videos and unspeakable material possession saved in Singaporean students' phones, it was Tammy's that ready-made the news, a best piteous thing. Yes, within are others. Maybe this is what you get for doing unlawful (arbitrary) things: having pre-marital sex, videotaping it, and be careless decent to let the video get taken. People should be more than sure in the present day.

This is retributory different archetype of how far the media has progressed in position of scientific advancements as a daniel boone of quality interchange and culture. This is referred to the Web 2.0, where on earth common citizens can have a say around things of all shapes and sizes. This is my yield on the complete debacle, verbalised through with a blog, an act not researchable right a few geezerhood ago. The internet is escalating ever so gracefully.



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