Learning IPv6 is preponderating in your hard work to pass the BSCI communication and go on to make your CCNP, and it's active to comfort in your real-world networking line of work as healed. IPv6 can be disorienting at first, but it's like anything else in Cisco or networking as a intact - acquire one component part at a time, maestro the fundamentals, and you're on your way to glory. In today's nonfictional prose we're active to bear a outer shell at IPv6 computer code types.

In IPv4, a unicast code is just an code in use to be a sui generis host, wherever multicast addresses equal a elite of hosts and broadcasts epitomize all hosts.

In IPv6, it's not quite that uncomplicated. There are really unlike types of unicast addresses, all with its own cut off mathematical function. This allows IPv6 to get accumulation where on earth it's thought to go quicker than IPv4 piece protective trained worker treasures.

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IPv6 offers two kinds of area addresses, link-local and site-local. Site-local addresses permit tendency in the aforementioned organization, or site, to swapping facts. Site-local addresses are IPv6's different to IPv4's cliquish computer address classes, since hosts victimisation them are able to put across with each other than throughout the organization, but these addresses cannot be previously owned to limit Internet hosts.

Site-local and link-local addresses are in actual fact derived from a host's MAC computer address. Therefore, if HostA has HostB's IPv6 address, HostA can discover HostB's MAC computer code from that, making ARP unprovoked.

Link-local addresses have a smaller extent than site-local. Link-local addresses are rightful that, regional to a geological correlation. These distinctive addresses are not utilised at all in transmission facts. One use for these addresses is Neighbor Discovery, which is IPv6's answer to ARP.

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You can identify these and some other IPv6 addresses by their pilot bits:

001 - Global address

(first 96 bits set to zero) - IPv4-compatible address

1111 1111 - Multicast

1111 1110 11 - Site local

1111 1110 10 - Link Local

As a in store CCNP, you're more than familiar with the self-conscious IPv4 address classes. You besides know that they're not just immediate. The developers of IPv6 took a structured feelings to IPv6 decorous addresses - any computer code that begins with "0000 0000" is an IPv6 distant address. One of these is the IPv6 loopback address, and this will make available you few try-out beside your not anything compression!

IP v6 Loopback: 0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0001

Using Leading Zero Compression Only: 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1

Combining Leading Zero and Zero Compression: ::1

Zero concentration looks pretty polite now, doesn't it? You in recent times have to get utilized to it and sustenance the rules in heed. You can use all the chief not anything compaction you want, but 0 compaction ("double-colon") can merely be in use quondam in a sole address.

IPv6 is present to stay, not single on your BSCI and CCNP exams, but in the actual planetary as symptomless. Learning it now will not only aid you in ratification your Cisco exams, but in taking sides IPv6 in the prospective.



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