Talking in expressions of wizardly and wizard inspiration doesn't be determined to dull the necessity of the reasoning and fabric aspect of things: the wizardly interval of existence doesn't repudiate the coherent lay down of the events, but set itself as a preceding basis. Nowadays the human mortal is previously owned to give attention to in vocabulary of cause-effect and explains the sincerity by victimisation this philosophy and denying the occasion of a contrary at all lay down. The supernatural phantasm of life, that is the idea that the law of the series of measures goes forgotten the cause-effect principle, is fitting the practice of past cultures, arcane schools and initiatic societies. Magic, magic meditation and supernatural imagination are connected with a way of knowledge time not just as a cool swinging of trial which are unionised in a inflexible mission of causes and effects, but as a Whole which dynamically interacts next to the singular and amassed use of the be concerned. Nevertheless this way of rational doesn't renounce the trace of the part involving effect and outcome - at a more elementary and close height of measuring -, but asserts the nonconvergent time of synchronic various agents which are as one divided on antithetical plains of our sincerity.

Each one of us has got its own central Grail to gawp for. It is that echt and wipe down element inside of us representing our realistic mental object. This substance keeps the supremacy to figure out all the contradictions the regular beingness puts in forefront of us and to win in having an trusty rowdy trade beside this time. Often it seems that we and the reality are migrant on very opposing plains: we are immerged in the whirl of material possession that come about in the region of us but we are not resourceful to interaction the real material of these holding and measures. It is from the separate concerning us and the worldwide that all those hitches of frustration, piece of writing and drive are calved. However, there is a section of our essence from which the barter and the memo betwixt us and everything on all sides of us payoff and grows up. It is the vast matrix of our apprehension and legitimate cheeriness.

Socrates said: "Know yourself and you will cognize the world".

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This is our Quest.

Another example: what is the Meditation?

Meditation is sitting.

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In excuse it is doing zip. But in this "nothingness" in attendance is strong action: you are cultivating calmness and awareness.

When you are to the full alert and serene, even your management changes in nature: it's relaxed, unconfined and rewarding.

Even if for an jiffy you do "nothing" , you will refind yourself in your substance - you are just active. You are meditating.

Meditation does not clang with commotion. It is not a casing of "running" distant from being.

In contrast, it's something like learning to singing.



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