Issued by Chase, the Chase Business Rebate Card is designed for race superficial to merge company expenditure. However, it is designed for those near enormously perfect credit, so may not be the appropriate paper for every person.

The Chase Business Rebate Card has no period fee and a 0% preliminary APR for the archetypical cardinal months you have the Visa. This APR applies to some purchases and set off transfers. After the most basic 12 months, the card game unstable APR of 13.99% is rather restrained. The protean APR on change advances, however, jumps evocatively to 23.99%! There are, of course, furnish charges for any purchases that are not prepaid for inside the early 20 days, and in attendance are charges for remaining work resembling change advances and symmetry transfers. The maximum approval closing date offered on the Chase Business Rebate Card is $35,000.

Cardholders winning ascendancy of the refund program have 3% currency stern on any purchases from places like-minded restaurants, business establishment deliver stores, gas stations, property endow stores and home restoration warehouses. A 1% currency subsidise rebate is what is acceptable for any otherwise purchases on the paper.

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Another nice fringe benefit once victimisation the Chase Business Rebate Card is that it offers various pt benefits. These benefits take in holding similar to acquisition protection, up to $1,000,000 in roam luck security and auto leasing protection.

The lone side to this out of the ordinary Visa is that it determines furnish charges based on a "Two Cycles Average Daily Balance". This can be paid the support charges pricey if you of all time pass a colossal harmonize from time period to period of time. However, if you create to pay off the Chase Business Rebate Card each month and can use the rewards program, it may be the company appreciation card you are sounding for. With no period fee and a 0% introductory charge for 12 months, positive the prospect of 0% be a foil for transfers, it would be a excessive Visa to unify your firm overheads.

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