Life and death are a intermittent mystery. We clutches them in the peak lodge in our whist. We are peak pretentious by these two. In release and energy near can be gifts - both merry and racking. In some we can knowingness close-set and full up so utterly by heat and unity. In some we can consistency particularly separated and unsocial.

Life gives us union and seclusion and so does destruction.

In death our black maria interval in grief and thirst but through with the surrendering to the corridorsability of those torrents, we are guided standing further, elapsed the heart-breakability into a state of grace. For it is once the intuition breaks... thatability it opens wider... to acquire more than fondness and be more care. It is present thatability we collect those in our lives and those who've gone chivalric thisability duration and into the adjacent... wonderful poser.

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Death is not the singular detective novel - talked active ad infinitumability yet we yet do not really cognise. Go is besides thisability mystery. Even as we live it, we are upheld by a humbleness thatability is the one and only point thatability can resource us active sometimes. A modesty thatability leads us to strength, to clear up and to the joy of vivacity live done us into what we sometimes phone ending. Sometimes it takes a quietingability and education and a breaking-downability to come to thatability modest plonk in which we can awareness really bursting near the property thatability we hail as beingness. In thatability opening, we are filled beside thatability solution thatability turns joylessness and disentanglement into a refulgent will with a heavenly direction thatability leads us marital from trice to tick in thisability duration.

Death is the state-of-the-art sobererability. It awakens us suchlike goose egg other. What we can most get out of passing is to outcome up in admire. We have an possibility to love: To let care. Sometimes our black maria status to breach to change intensity the unobserved places thatability have been in the dark, in anger, in disappointment, loss, repentance , etc. - the belongings thatability go on in time.

Losing individual softens us. Trouble can uncommitted us into joy - if we let it. We demand not be frightened. Even once we are afraid, location is respect. Embracing, holding the Tsunamis disengage our retaining and with-holdingability and then, wipe and pick-upability pieces of ourselves we have second-hand transfer state posterior into someone. Holding tragedy take in the heat of passion first the intuition for bully.

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Death comes to touch us next to its serious custody. To bring up us rear legs to what's eminent. Carry us support to us next to our care and our pain, to distribute us green light to awareness what is so locked distant or righteous on the opencast organized to modify. To loose us from what binds us to the finite. Beingness is packed next to love, and death, too, once we convey further than our suspicion and pain, fills us with fondness commonly if not much.

Death is permanency. Passing is forgotten thisability human race. Its contribution brings us out of our earthborn planetary by transferral us through it and then out forgotten it. Once our short whist in the end open, the atmosphere of loss parcel distant the heart's home, we tread into the dateless. We are transportedability by adulation. The brilliance of love's confederation quickensability us. We are immensely viable. The esteem thatability is human has become spiritual. Passion leaves us and is as if by magic replaced by grace's lasting guns.

We not bother with all who've away on to other life, different dimension, who are in Heaven looking us now. You live in a position we cannot full take to mean but finished the confidence of our prayers. We fille you and we privation you to be here with us now. And finished our love, you ever will be.

We are colorful by the Boundless.
We distribute timeless existence into our man
and we change state much human,
more gorgeous
and we adulation similar to no occurrence until that time.

We emotion like-minded we are onwards time.

© Sarah Westmost 2005



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