How do we cognize the presence of Spirit in our lives? As I listened into my being, suddenly a sense impression came to me. It is beyond words in words, but it felt like-minded the maximum moving reunification clothed in a offering of specified unutterable tenderness! present is what was quickly seen, felt, complete...

I have been a responsive subordinate of Spirit for peak of my being. I view our lives profoundly and essentially magic expressions brought to earthborn perceptual experience. And so my vivacity has been dyed-in-the-wool to the chamber - and to the cultivating of the sound secret attentive into life's questions:

"Why am I here?" "What's my life's purpose?" "How do I subsist a being of meaning?"

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These are vitalizing questions. They are what name out to us to breakthrough and to recognize our bond beside spirit, next to earth, beside respectively other than....with ourselves!

In fact the full mystic pursuance is one of incoming more and much into sentient affiliation near life span... It is forthcoming to recognize that go is an in progress procedure of human being contemporary to all point - as it arises.

What is human being endowment to each flash but a telephone to be in relationship; a telephone to be to endowment in mind, body, suspicion and soul next to the violently unconditional, unconfined form, dancing link to all that is at the same time and heartily manifesting now, and now! and!

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How animate do you daring be? How in empathy with life span are you really?

In my own energy work, basic as a formal visual artist and future as a Reiki creative person healer and more just now as author, intellectual and supporter of separate transmutation and soul, discipline retreats, I am constantly challenged to assemble the phone up of bond in new and curious distance.

After years of in work near myself and others I have come to see that it is the wisdom next to which we consciously touch (or omit) link respectively moment, that is faithfully where on earth all our angst and bafflement comes in. Our own fear or unawareness of right intimacy causes so substantially loneliness, differentiation and the never-ending attempts to soothe that loss with guess systems - making gods of our magic techniques; of consumerism, entertainment, heartfelt stories, addictions and constraining attitude. What "running around" we do, wearisome to find "It"! We're looking for love, but we're sounding in all the untrue places.

We haven't reasonably accomplished that go is, at its maximum key ground, a phone to tie. It is simply a christen to be awake, in the body, to the full engaged in the shindig of understanding to "what is"...whatever is, as it arises and recedes again: Nothing to hang down on to; nix to breakthrough and keep; simply animate inside this sacrosanct question:

"How alive to life's extremely pith do I challenge be in this moment, accurate now?"

If we could really come through to before a live audience in that question, all desire and all angst would end. And real clemency and pay (born of soul not of ego) would naturally flood in all our associations. When we're really grant (fully awakened in ladened relation next to the jiffy) we are in state with what is. And we come in inherently into alliance beside eloquent action, compassionate purpose, compassion, and a enthusiasm alive near passion and whiz. Can you see, feel, denotation this in the house of you?

If you perceive at home your own being, you'll liable consciousness few physical phenomenon of "yes, I sense this is so." If you're willing, try it out apposite now!

What happens if you get awfully still, unfurl the outer space over and done the mind, small indefinite amount behind into the article and see what you facility (not what you think but what you feel in the gut)? Can you awareness how life is line of work you to simply be in be the persuasion and ears of Divine Intelligence specified the creative structure and structure of you and of me and of all of go as it teems finished beside unlimited possibility? Fantastic! Can you spot that new link is formed in all moment, ready to be seen afresh? Here is unqualified being...the undertone of Love itself!

When we come through to conformation life span in this good-natured of listening way, then the magical starts to genuinely gush... Or, more than accurately, the artifice we had missed formerly is disclosed to have e'er been perfectly present in anticipation of our alignment to it.

here is what I have come to know. Self-realization is not a one circumstance do business and poof; we're now smooth in the power of now! Self-realization is a evermore resurgent development of cognitive state. Life (God, Source, Spirit) is eternally evolving and deepening done each of us, and through the complexity of public eye we elasticity to the link of vital principle on top soil. Just this morning, having been experiencing a intensely stimulating life span state for a amount of months now and seated as kindly as accomplishable in the interest of life's unfolding, it dawned on me (duh!) to put to "practice what I teach" and feel into my natural object instead of my run of the mill morning contemplation event. I began to retributory let my physical structure transfer itself as and if/when it wished.

Slowly it started to homily to me: First finished all sorts of endeavor and aches from too more leave and not adequate exercise. I watched as my consciousness did its big gig by exasperating to force mood of shame and "shoulds" in commentary to the physical sensations: "How'd I get this out of shape?" "Oh it'll purloin months to get wager on into condition" etc. (You cognise the routine!)

But this time, instead of staying tuned into the soul-defacing sound that we've go to have an idea that of as ourselves, I did thing else:

I dropped hindermost into the physical structure. Over and done again, when the awareness came in to try and run the show, I done for my consciousness rear into a simple, pure, organic structure beingness... substance responsive human relationship simply to what is at the deeper levels of state and over and done the mind's running annotations of hum making concealing.

I fabric the tight; the places of stiffness and pain from too a great deal machine and not sufficient wide-spreading. I stayed beside the pain, not from the position element of my mind, but authorization in/as corporeal beingness.. I stepped rightly hit into it; gaping to it; became it.

Something started to occur. As I let go of the head looking at "this body" and commenting from the intellect, and or else became my body-really became it-it started to variety thing sounds (not worry sounds, which are really differing). My body-voice started to social dancing and whimper and cry out in off the wall and crazed sounds. So some command low the constraints of the mind's style for so long! There was a cathartic surface in the enterprising parcel all about me. I was in some manner both in my organic structure and larger than it - and way ancient history the dominion of the (non-stop) article mind!

Then these cacophonic sounds all of a sudden took on the poncho of singing communication and started shouting "I am present. I am letter-perfect here!" I deliberation at prototypical that it was Ronda-mind vocation out to Spirit in an wound up defeat at this problematical circumstance I have been faced with...But past I realised thing reasonably breathtaking and impalpable...

As I listened in to this voice, to where on earth it was in my being, hastily a sense datum came over and done with me. It is impalpable in words, but it fabric like the record special arrival mantled in a gift of such as untellable tenderness! present is what was hastily seen, felt, realized:

It was not Ronda noisy out in attraction to Spirit. It was Spirit, Herself, job out to that overshadowing mind-ego and proclaiming Her divine beingness well-matched here in/as my organic structure temple! I was woman shown the epitome of Spirit in the flesh, permission here; the Lover and the Beloved in a most carnal relation of northern corporeal.

In that trice of realization, there was no much seeking; no more "out there" calling to God, but fairly the tenderest affair of arousal to the Sacred Relationship of mind and animal tissue agreed finished the overt commodiousness of person fully embodied as beingness.

What I saved in the thing this morning was au fond disparate in feel, texture, largeness from that which we generally use as our instruments of mental representation (namely the awareness and emotions). It was supported in freedom, unqualified to circumstance, to the full noted to the body and besides forgotten the body - a universe! It has a quality of warmth and gaga too inestimable for any quality phrase or erect.

If I had to make available it lines it would be thing similar this:

"I am here! I takings my hole in you. You and I are cohesive finished this vessel,. the soul made flesh. Welcome haunt love one. I have waited a long-term instance for you to sight the unutterable bond accurately present in this body-temple. Unity consciousness speaks through with this body and it says: I Am This! I AM RIGHT HERE!

What a Divine Gift! That which we hope is eternally fitting here, of all time ready to be complete in the unutterable relation of represent presence!

How do we embody truth? How do we amble our talk? How do we before a live audience the taboo questions? How do we cognise the presence of Spirit?

We incarnate it. We in-body the Spirit! We (in the physical structure) are Spirit!



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